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Eld. and Mrs. Larry Nyeche

Conroe resort was a very good place with modern furniture but its challenge is in transportation.  The resort is far away from the city and we spent almost all our money in transportation to buy food stuff or for sightseeing.  It takes us $100 per trip to get to the nearest shopping mall.  Resort is too far from the airport, about an hour plus on a very straight road.  The resort in Conroe would have been a perfect one if with one’s car.  The environment so excellent to behold; with Jacuzzi near our bed that can take up to 3 or 4 people with nozzles messaging the body, swimming pool, and fully equipped kitchen.  We were very much convinced that is not all cities that one can find resorts within the centres.  The most important thing about this resort is the much needed fun we wanted, everything (washing machine, kitchen utensils, microwave, toilet so neat and cleaned regularly).

But Star Island was very good and a perfect place for holiday, well located in Orlando (Florida); we never knew that we will be going to Conroe where the resort is far from the town and shopping malls, but all the same, we loved the idea of been in the city in one and also outside the city in another.

I have been going on my personal trips but the two times I have travelled with RVI, Port Harcourt to South Africa in 2011 and USA makes me feel like referring people to the club as the splendid opportunities involved are :

1)    Cooking ones food

2)    Holiday makers; enabling one to associate with other members from other countries

3)    The arrangement of our accommodation from Nigeria and all self catering.

We went to so many places of fun; me and my wife.  Infact, out trip with RVI has made me realize that its gain investing on holiday, it was indeed home outside of home.  I do not regret my membership out all.

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