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Banda Family Holiday

Banda Family The Banda of Kitwe took their Rvi holiday package to Cape town South Africa from the 21st October to 28thOctober.

We came into contact with RVI about four years ago. At that time it seemed like one of those gimmicks. However we were assured that this was real. After some persuasions, we decided to buy an apartment. We were not able to pay the whole amount at the time of application, but we were accorded an opportunity to pay in several installments. Upon completion of the payment, we were unable to take our holiday for about two years; however, when our son got married last year, we gave them some days and they went to Cape Town for their honeymoon.. When they came back, it was all smiles, they narrated how this RVI was real and worth it. This year we decided to take our yearly holiday also to Cape Town. Our remark is simply this “We are glad we belong to RVI; Mr. and Mrs. Banda

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