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March 2012

Welcome to the 1st online newsletter designed to keep YOU, our members posted on all developments and news important to making your holiday experiences memorable as well as keeping you abreast of current events and special offers to fantastic holiday destinations.

It has been a long time coming but here it is, the long awaited newsletter that you have all been requesting.

We have decided to publish it as an online newsletter in order for you to have access to all the other important features posted on the site.

Now, it is time for me to share some news with you and enlighten you as to what has been going on in the club.

Currently, apart from sub-Sahara operations, we have offices in Nigeria, Ghana, Angola and Zambia and will shortly be opening in Cameroon. Our membership base exceeds the 40 000 mark and is expanding at an expediential rate.

The Business Club remains a successful model, especially in this economic climate, with members actively involved and deriving the benefits from the passive income that the model provides. After all, who couldn’t derive benefit from an extra income these days?

We have maintained a high level of success in the delivery of the product to many of our members who have enjoyed fantastic holidays with us, of which we will be posting on our “Traveller of the Month” page on this website.

As this is the first of our monthly newsletters, I am going to focus on one destination for the members this month.
It is surprising that our members don’t use South Africa as a holiday destination. The weather is fantastic, the infrastructure is great and very importantly, the shopping is world class.
South Africa is a country of great diversity, with beautiful endless beaches in the most desirable locations such as Cape Town and Durban and then there is the great metropolis, Gauteng. These are just three of the major cities that offer a wonderful holiday experience.

For those of you that just enjoy the typical holiday, with lazy days in the sun, taking the family to the beach, enjoying fantastic meals at the finest restaurants, going to shows and casino’s, South Africa has it all, entertainment for the whole family, with fun parks for the kids in all these cities and some of the best panoramic vistas in the world.

Now for those of you that enjoy shopping, South Africa has established itself as one of the best shopping meccas in the world.

From sophisticated shopping at the brand names of the world through to conservative everyday-wear, South Africa offers the most competitive prices found anywhere. Visit our fantastic world-class shopping malls from Sandton City in Gauteng to Gateway in Durban and Canal Walk, one of the biggest shopping centers in the Southern Hemisphere, in Cape Town.

Each shopping center host’s shops ranging from Versace through to Woolworths and have huge entertainment facilities and an abundance of restaurants to make your shopping experience a pleasurable one.

All of these shopping centers can be viewed on our shopping page on this website, so explore the site and read the testimonials and see the centers for yourself.

I urge all our members to at least give South Africa one visit when using your product and I promise you that you will be back.

The accommodation is top class and the hospitality warm and inviting.

When flying to and from Lagos on South African Airways, it is remarkable how full the flights are. This is an indicator of the popularity of South Africa with Nigerians. We at RVI would love to facilitate your holiday requests to this wonderful destination and can do so with the utmost confidence that you, our members will have a holiday to remember.

As for the Business Club, I would like to appeal to our members that have not as yet made an effort to become active participants in this rewarding venture, seriously consider the benefits opposed to the effort.

By simply referring a few of your family members, friends or colleagues, you will be earning a passive income as an addition to your normal income. This requires as little effort as that and the rewards are substantial.

What have you got to lose? Not only are you earning a passive income but also you are inviting people you know to become members of a fantastic club with tremendous holiday benefits.

I will be posting many more offers to great holiday destinations around the globe as well as keeping you posted on news and current events in the club.

This product is all about fun, so come and have some fun with us and derive the benefits, both financial and leisure oriented.

To all of you that are travelling with us in the near future, have fun and to those that have utilized the business club, spend wisely.

Bon Voyage

Ernest de Lange (Chairman)


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