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June 2012

It has been some time since the last newsletter was posted on the site however; I am pleased to inform you that there is plenty of positive news for the members about new developments in RVI and wonderful new travel testimonials that have been posted on the site from some of our many, many members that have enjoyed fantastic holidays in the last few months.

Angola has been doing very well as far as both the increase of the member base as well as doing a huge amount of holiday bookings for destinations such as South Africa, Brazil & Portugal. Many happy members have enjoyed their holidays with us and the product is definitely making a huge difference for our members. We are happy to announce the appointment of Mr. Pedro Roque as the new Branch Manager and welcome him into the RVI family.

Zambia: The economic growth in Zambia over the past few years has been phenomenal and with it the desire to travel and holiday has increased in sync. Over the years, many of our Zambian members have enjoyed the benefit of membership to RVI and continue to do so at an ever-increasing rate. With South Africa only a stones throw away, our members enjoy the wonderful shopping experience that SA has to offer as well as some of the finest holiday destinations in the world.

Ghana: Ghana is yet another country that is experiencing enormous growth in it’s economy and has expanded in the property sector and it’s cities commercial infrastructure. With the discovery of offshore oil reserves, it has attracted an influx of ex-patriots and created many job opportunities for the locals. Our members are travelling much more frequently and the range of the destinations requested is fantastic.

USA is a highly sought after destination for Ghanaian’s with many having family and friends over there and many of our members enjoy holidaying with our product there. We have members from Ghana that have relocated abroad and we even have a member that books his holiday each year with us from China.

Nigeria: There have been a few management changes in Nigeria, firstly with the appointment of Mr. Nicholas Mutuku as our Country General Manager, who is based in Abuja and has the responsibility of overseeing all the branches in Nigeria and then we have a new appointment as the Branch Manager of Lagos, Mr. Justce Akli, who will be managing operations there. Both these individuals have many years of experience with the company and will bring a new and refreshing approach to the management team in Nigeria.

Regardless of the management changes, RVI has continued to send members on holiday on a consistent and increasing basis and will always strive to meet these requirements.

The European an American Summer is here and we have noticed the increase in holiday requests accordingly.

This is what your membership is all about and if you have heeded the constant request that you make your holiday bookings well in advance for this peak season, you will be enjoying great holidays with us. To you we extend a “Bon Voyage” and trust that you and your family will travel safely and bring home some valuable lasting memories.

Not always can we meet the demands from all our members as sometimes the dates requested are too close to the booking time and as we all know, sought after destinations are exactly that, “sought after”

Make your booking request well in advance, as many of our satisfied members do and please come in to our offices and have a consultation with our reservations staff regarding the many options on new and exciting destinations that you might otherwise not have thought of.

Greetings and salutations and allow us to continue to make your holiday dreams a reality.

Ernest de Lange (Chairman)

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