RVI Options

THE RVI Options Experience

RCI OptionsWe aim to bring cost-effective and convenient international travel opportunities to our client base through our vacation ownership and timeshare. In fact, it is our firm belief that the quality of our service, together with the product itself, provides you with a leisure product that will fulfil your short and long-term holiday aspirations and awaken the traveller inside you and your family.

Through our exchange organization, RVI Options' aim is to make sure your holiday fulfils your dreams.

We're travellers ourselves, and we know that a great holiday is more than a great destination – it's a chance to see the world in fresh new ways.

Every day, our owner services consultants come to work filled with the excitement of helping members plan fantastic holiday experiences!

And we do whatever it takes. We often look in unexpected places or off the beaten path, because dream holidays don't come in one-size-fits-all packages.

Your purchase of RVI Options points through RVI shows you're smart about getting the most from your holiday investment. You also know that getting a lot doesn't necessarily mean spending a lot.

In this website, we will explore all the ways RVI Options can deliver your holiday dreams. And anytime you have a question or just need some suggestions, give the owner services consultant in your country a call.

The Advantages Of Owning RVI Options

Once Your Annual / Levies Maintenance Fees Are Up To Date You Can:

  • Use your RVI Options points when it suits you.
  • Save your RVI Options points for the next year.
  • Borrow RVI Options points from your next year's allocation.
  • Exchange RVI Options points for an overseas holiday.
  • Give RVI Options points to a friend or relative.
  • Add to your RVI Options points at any time.
  • Choose from more than 4 000 resorts in popular destinations around the globe.

Making The Most Of Your Options Points


By banking or using your RVI Options points in advance, you will be able to take a holiday that is equivalent to three times the amount of your annual RVI Options points allocation.

RVI Options' three-year window enables you to gain a bumper three-week holiday by:

  • Accumulating unused holiday time from the last two calendar years.
  • Adding it to this year's week
  • Borrowing a holiday week from next year.

Remember: Levies/maintence fees need to be paid in full, if you want to borrow points.

Banking your RVI Options points
Previous years Banked 3 300 points

2006 2007 2008

2000 2000 2000 = 6000

Banking your RVI Options points in advance

You may use your RVI Options points one year in advance, provided you pay the equivalent annual levies/maintenance fees in advance. Simply advise your regional owner services consultant and he or she will make the necessary arrangements. You can make this payment directly to your local

RVI Options Brings Your Holiday To Life

As a fully paid up member of RVI Options, you have access to holidays of the same value as your RVI Options points on a yearly basis. Each of the resort units have a different value. These values vary depending on the following:

  1. Time of year High Peak (Peak, Red, White week).
  2. Size of the apartment or unit.
  3. Quality of the resort and unit.
  4. Location of the resort.
  5. Resort amenities available to guests.
  6. Comments received from members about the resort.

Here is an example:
In the table below, staying in a twobedroom unit (this will sleep four people privately up to a maximum of six and in some resorts includes a sleeper couch that is only suitable for children under ten) at this resort, during a red week, is equal to 4 200 RVI Options points.

To make sure you have enough RVI Options points to match your request, deduct the RVI Options points of the desired resort from the RVI Options points you own. If you have more points, you qualify. If you have less, you will not qualify but may purchase more.

Resort, KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, Durban Sands, Near Durban Check-in Saturday, Occupancy 0/04 1/04 2/06

How Your RVI Options Table Works

  1. Seasonal designation
    The RVI Options resorts are divided into seasons based on the demand of the holiday period and are indicated as follows:

    Blue time - Low demand
    White time - average demand
    Red time - High demand
    Peak times - 1, 2, 3, 4 Highest demand
  2. Unit size and type of unit
    The unit size is determined according to the number of bedrooms in the unit.
  3. Quality of accommodation
    Each resort is graded according to various resort quality standards and from comment forms received from RVI members who have stayed at these resorts. Service, maintenance, quality, amenities and location are the most important factors making up the grading. The resorts are graded.
  4. Points required
    You will be in a position to establish exactly how many RVI Options points you need to book into a particular resort, at a specific time of the year, by cross referencing numbers 1 and 2 above.

The Membership Maintenance Feess

Membership Fees

Payment of fees Annual levies/maintenance fees are payable before your anniversary date whether the product points have been utilised or not. Your anniversary date is the first day of the month in which your contract was fully paid up and sent for processing.

If you are uncertain, please contact your local servicing office and they will gladly advise you of the correct month.

Please note that you may not use your RVI Options points for a holiday until all annual levies/ maintenance fees are paid in full. This also applies to points borrowed forward - you will have to pay these in advance.